Privacy Policy

1) PRODEVANS is a professional IT Consulting and Solutions providing company based in Bengaluru, INDIA.

2) PRODEVANS places a high emphasis on the privacy of its users and is committed to protect it in all respects.

3) With an objective to offer the most enriching experience of the internet to its users, PRODEVANS offers provision to contact us through our website. We might ask you to fill your contact details for the same. In the process PRODEVANS collects certain information about its users, such as: (a) The information supplied by users and (b) The information automatically tracked while surfing

4) When you visit, our web servers automatically collect certain limited information regarding your computer’s connection to the Internet which may include your IP address (a number that lets computers connected to the Internet understand where to send the information). However, your IP address does not in any way identify you personally. This information is used by us to deliver our web pages to you upon request, to customize our website as per the user’s interests, to measure traffic to our website and to let advertisers understand the geographical reach of our website.

5) PRODEVANS includes links to other websites. All such linked sites are governed by their respective privacy policies, which are beyond our control. The moment, you leave our servers, the usage of any information provided by you is bound and governed by the privacy policy of the respective operator of the website you visit. That privacy policy may differ from ours. In the event that the linked website does not have a privacy policy, the onus is on you to contact the website directly for more information regarding the same.

6) In the event that we present the personal information thus collected to our advertisers or affiliates in the process of helping them understand our geographical reach and audience in order to confirm and support the advertising value on our website or to our affiliates in the process of third party processing of any information – the information is usually presented in an aggregated statistic format to advertisers and affiliates are bound by strict and non-negotiable non-disclosure agreements. When you use personal information of any kind in order to enable us to reach you back, the users are required to provide certain mandatory information for registration which may include, primarily, (a) Your Name (b) Phone Number (c) Email Address

7) The Information thus supplied by the users enables us to make necessary improvements to our website in order to provide the user, most user-friendly surfing experience and is used to fill your order and verification purpose only.

8) With an objective to improve the surfing responsiveness of our website, we may use “cookies”, or similar electronic tools to collect certain information in order to assign each visitor a random and unique number as User Identification. This helps us to better understand the user’s individual interests while using the thus Identified Computer. Unless you voluntarily identify yourself, we would have no idea whatsoever of your identity despite assigning such a cookie to your computer. A cookie can contain only the personal information you choose to provide. A cookie is not capable of reading data off your hard disk drive. Our advertisers or affiliates may also assign their own cookies to your browser (in the event that you evince interest in their services), a process that we do not directly control.

9) In order to register with, we will contact you periodically to facilitate updates of such information, usually through the email, sms and call.

10) All personal and user information gathered by PRODEVANS is stored securely within the confines of the PRODEVANS controlled database. The database in turn, is stored on servers built with highly secured hardware and software firewalls; any kind of access to the servers is password-protected and is strictly limited. However, despite all our security measures, we understand that no security system is impregnable. In this scenario, we cannot guarantee the security of our database, nor can we offer any guarantees that the personal information you provide us is non-interceptable while being transmitted over the public domain of internet. And, as you can understand, any personal information you might include in a posting to the forums or discussion areas is accessible to anyone over the internet.

11) As all of us understand that the internet is an ever evolving medium, we would be bound to change this privacy policy from time to time in order to incorporate any necessary future changes. However, our use of any personal or user information we gather will always be consistent with the policy under which the information was primarily collected, regardless of the changes in the policy.

12) We may use third-party advertising companies to incorporate advertisements on our website in the future. These companies may use information (not including your personal information) about your visits to our websites and other affiliates that may exist at that point of time. This may be done in order to provide advertisements about products and services which may be of interest to you.