About iVentura

iVentura is a one-stop self-service platform for analytics and Machine Learning that provides a collection of ML components and services natively running on Kubernetes


You Worry about the Modelling, Leave everything else to us.

OneTouch Setup

iVentura is a fully managed platform. It seamlessly scales as per the resource demands. Fully supported through robust logging and security mechanism.

Container Support

Developers can code in their own secure environment – provisioned automatically when they log in.

Scaling on the Go

iVentura comes as a bundled package which can be installed on the go on-prem or cloud. The iVentura Eco System Scales on Demand. Is Secure. No vendor lock-ins. Deploys Models on a click of a button. Shares visualizations as URLs. Can be accessed anywhere – through a browser.

Security & IAM

Developer space can only be accessed through secure authentication. Each space executes independently of others.

Developer Browser IDE

All inclusive IDE where Data Scientists can. Search and upload libraries. Collaborate with other teams. Code in language of their choice: Python, R, NodeJs. Integrate with Source Systems. Build Models in a Secure environment. Quickly Deploy and share models as URLs – within minutes.

Continuous Delivery

Developers can collaborate with other teams. They can deploy changes seamlessly within minutes.